Sunday, 2 December 2012


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Happy December! It feels so good, yet so scary to be saying that. Honestly doesn't feel like two minutes since I was celebrating New Year 2012. This weekend has been so chilled but it's been just what I needed, I took my pup on a two mile walk over the fields and baked some cinnamon banana and chocolate chip muffins (yummy) and relaxed watching trashy TV with my dad and an excessive amount of Indian food, not bad huh?

As I haven't blogged for a week! I thought I'd do something a little different from my usual weekend wishlist and put together some pieces I think would be perfect for any upcoming celebrations and more importantly, Christmas day. The turban hat put together with the tapestry Lita's create a gorgeous, almost oriental feel to this lovely midi shirt dress! 

What are you doing to get yourself in the Christmas spirit? 

Sunday, 25 November 2012


1 Dr Marten Rimba 7 Eye Boot £132.26 £98.61 2 Studded Ankle Boot- Bone £49.13 £36.84

Ok, so Maths isn't my strongest subject and so I'm hoping you'll apprechiate my calculations even if they are a few pennies (or pounds) out. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know how peeved I am to be English around the time of Black Friday. Nevertheless I've been relentlessly eyeing up all my favourite US stores online for any good bargains, especially Nasty Gal's 25% off shoe sale! 

From the five page long list of choices, these are my two favourite picks (most especially the Dr Marten's) Kinda gutted I spent all my money on underwear shopping this weekend but I thought it'd be worth sharing with you as the offer ends tonight so go go go!

Are you taking advantage of Black Friday this weekend if so, what have you bought?

Sunday, 11 November 2012


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This week has definitely been the founder of my Christmas spirit. I've been baking, ordering festive dvd's, visiting Meadow Hall's shopping centre (a girl's dream) gorging on Starbucks' winter drinks, late night walks with my pup and looking forward to the opening of my town's Frankfurt market which for me will officially mark that Christmas has arrived!

I think this week's weekend wishlist reflects my idea of winter warmers. Since the November chills have kicked in all I've wanted to wear is turtle necks and cable knit jumpers. I can't believe this long sleeved turtle neck polo is only £4.95! If you've got the patience to look through eBay searches thoroughly then finding alternatives to high street products at a fraction of the price makes it definitely worth while.

I love these moccasin style boots with the fringe detailing. I don't think I own a pair of brown shoes so can that justify the £80 price tag?

Lord of the Rings, you either love it or hate it and I'm definitely a lover. I guess this means I've got until the 14th December to take the plunge and read the book!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I've been a fan of this mega babe since '09 after admittedly listening to Mowgli's Road for about six months straight (and maybe, almost definitely knowing the dance to go with it) However relating to her current style of music, I'd have to say I've definitely been torn away and directed more towards her fashion sense. She indisputably has a rare and unique ability to pull off absolutely anything and make it look totally flawless.

After having Sky Ferreira as my October Fashion Envy I'm kinda worried I'm living my earlier teenage years all over again. One of the main things I love about Marina is her choice in lippy's, I bet her lipstick collection is quite something. Aside from everything else, she is self-righteous within her style and is something I admire.

Who's style are you enjoying this month? 

Sunday, 4 November 2012


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Ok so you're probably wondering why my weekend wishlist has turned into a haul of skirts. Well, this week more than ever I've been skirt-obsessed. Each website, each store I can guarantee holds a skirt I wanna get my hands on.

I find that quite a lot of people seem to have this mindset that as soon as Autumn/Winter dawns we have to put our skirts to the back of the draw, but girls I refuse! (yes nana, I'm talking to you.)

I swear by tube skirts at the moment to the point where they are making a feature in the majority of my outfits. They're simple, elegant and need I mention the comfort element! I wore one out the other day with two pairs of leggings layered underneath (don't judge) and no-one had a clue.

Next is this denim number from Monki, this skirt needs to make an appearance in my life asap. I'm thinking, tights, converse and a blazer coat with a fur collar?

Glitter skirts are so damn cute, especially for the upcoming Christmas period. They're so easy to style from day to night and perfect for sprousing up a bland outfit.

Leather, hey. I have this mind-set of pleather skirts being quite seductive but I'm gonna put that aside for a moment. If you were in my head right now, you'd be seeing this baby I've chosen here, again from Monki paired with a plain top, chunky knit cardigan and a pretty huge snood. Now, I think that sounds pretty good. Don't you?

Lastly is my most darish pick I think, I've seen so many girls wearing these types of skirts and they look absolutely amazing. Whether or not that could transfer, I don't know but I thought I'd add it in anyway.

So, that's my mixed up weekend wishlist for our first week into November and only 7 more to go until Christmas!! 
Hope you enjoyed guys!