Sunday, 25 November 2012


1 Dr Marten Rimba 7 Eye Boot £132.26 £98.61 2 Studded Ankle Boot- Bone £49.13 £36.84

Ok, so Maths isn't my strongest subject and so I'm hoping you'll apprechiate my calculations even if they are a few pennies (or pounds) out. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know how peeved I am to be English around the time of Black Friday. Nevertheless I've been relentlessly eyeing up all my favourite US stores online for any good bargains, especially Nasty Gal's 25% off shoe sale! 

From the five page long list of choices, these are my two favourite picks (most especially the Dr Marten's) Kinda gutted I spent all my money on underwear shopping this weekend but I thought it'd be worth sharing with you as the offer ends tonight so go go go!

Are you taking advantage of Black Friday this weekend if so, what have you bought?

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