Sunday, 28 October 2012


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So, the week off for half term comes to an end as is October it would seem! I'm particularly not looking forward to going back to college, especially as the clocks have gone back and the darker, much colder nights have come in to tackle me for the long commute home. I do however have Tuesday night to look forward to as I'm going to see one of my favourite bands again, Dry The River!

I saw this cardigan earlier on in the week and haven't been able to stop lusting over it. I'm not usually a big fan of printed clothing but I think the fact it's white and lined with fur has made me love, rather than loathe. One thing I definitely do loathe is that Topshop feel £65 is a justifiable price.

All year round my room is overpowered with candles and incense sticks and when Yankee release their Christmas scents, I kinda go a little crazy. I purchased a couple of these tarts a week back and have been burning them through my oil burner, it's a great way of avoiding the price tag on the jars.

Girls (and boys), not sure I need to explain why I want this bra so much. Kinda perfect, as far as bra's go.

And lastly are these chunky loafers from Monki, absolutely love everything from their store at the moment. I don't doubt these would look fab with knitted tights, as do anything and everything this season.

Hope you enjoyed my weekend wishlist, extremely excited for the Halloween celebrations next week! Here's something else you can be excited about...

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online

Friday, 26 October 2012


Leather Jacket- Topshop / Fur Collar- H&M / Contrasted Shirt- H&M / Leggings- Matalan / Flats- Topshop / Bag- eBay

I know I'm pale but the realisation this photograph gives me makes me want to have a little sob (English rose, for life). Today has been cold and it definitely gave me a heads-up to start taking my mittens out with me! Me and my boyfriend went into town to do some shopping, I'd been pestering him all week about visiting a new pop up style shop called Harper & Lewis Vintage, you can find out more here. If you live locally and fancy giving it a go, head down to New Street, Birmingham with a fiver, pick up a bag and fill it to your hearts content! You can see some of my thrifted finds over on my Instagram: llrfx.

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, 21 October 2012


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Uh, put your thinking caps on and just envisage how gorgeous this outfit would look together... I know right.

I actually had a crazy thought myself that figured there was a lot more to my wishlist than fashion this week and that very thought most definitely included Matt Corby. So much so that he made it to my song pick of the week of which you can find by pressing hard on your down arrow or scrolling down, whichever you prefer. If you knew what I was listening to now, (Robbie Williams) then you probably wouldn't expect me to like him, but! he won me over more than a lot by covering one of my favourite songs by a band you should all already know, The Black Keys.

Back to reality as I cannot afford to be lusting over men with excessive amounts of hair so these boots are definitely the next best. They've got contrasted leather, a silver hardware zip, a not so high heel and are priced at a measley £24.99!

I'm pretty impressed with this weekend wishlist and so the next step is challenging myself to resist spending money on unnecessary goods (fast food) and go buy these instead.

What's on your weekend wishlist?

Sunday, 14 October 2012


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Whenever I blog these posts, it always dawns on me that the weekend is over. I can't complain mind because I've had a really lovely weekend, nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I went shopping (and spent more than I should have). I then spent the rest of the weekend having a meal with my Papa and having a mooch round the local market!

Autumn/Winter is catching up on me, more so financially then anything else, especially when it comes to coats, send help! Totally out of my budget range at a steep £150, but I'm a girl okay and I'm sure you can understand my need.

Next is a t-shirt dress, I've not been able to get the idea of t-shirt dresses out my head and after way too long of searching, I knew Topshop wouldn't let me down. I can't wait to get my hands on it (in more than one colour) and pair it with some over the knee socks.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably have noticed a trend of berry coloured lips. I can't get enough, it fits so well in with this time of year and gives us pale folks a bit of glow.

And lastly, is probably my most needed buy. This weekend has really proved just how quickly English winters can come and more so how unprepared I am. I need to get out of the habit of wearing my hair up all the time and I figured what not a better way than to stock up on some cute hats!

Now I'm off to try out some of my new LUSH purchases via a much needed hot bath. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! 

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Find LUSH products online here.

I don't know what it is but LUSH has an infectious upshot on me, especially when they release new collections. I think it's a combination of the smell, the helpful and friendly staff and my inability to resist temptation.

I'm familiar with quite a few of their products now, a favourite of mine being "Cosmetic Warrior", part of their fresh face masks range. The thing that attracts me most to LUSH products is the fact that they are fresh, handmade and anti animal testing, it's always good to know that what you're putting on your face is full of natural ingredients."

Apart from the "Tea Tree Water Toner", all products are from their 2012 Christmas collection. My skin is extremely distressed recently and so I purchased this toner to help settle it down. I've been very impressed with their range for troubled skin in the past so I'm hoping it'll do the job! If you'd like me to keep you updated or do a further review for you, I'd be more than happy to once I've got to know the product."

Products I purchased:

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar £2.95
"If you can bear to, break and crumble your midnight blue and yellow bubble bar under running taps, then enjoy a deeply relaxing soak in twinkling jasmine bedtime bubbles."

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.45
"Got a sweet tooth? Curb your cravings by crumbling this sugary pink bubble bar mountain under running taps for huge clouds of comforting vanilla foam.

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar £4.95
"Simply swish it around in the water for mounds of candy sweet bubbles, then pop the wand on the side to use it again and again. Even guys won't be able to resist a little twirl in the tub!"

Tea Tree Toner Water £3.95
"Comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies. Tea tree is a wonder antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient for anyone with oily or spot prone skin." 

Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel £4.25
"The sweetest thing, Snow Fairy is back again this year! Cheering up your shower yet again with her candy floss scent and lovely pink, glittering foam. Get your wings fluttering and lather up with this cutie. She will surely awake a little fairy in you- even in you tough-looking blokes!"

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic £3.25
"Run a nice warm bath, hop in, then drop your Father Christmas in the water, watch him turn your water from bright red to vivid green in the water as it dissolves and fills your tub with uplifting fragrance."

Melting Snowman Bath Melt £1.95
"Turn on your bath taps, put the plug in and fill up your tub with warm water- just the temperature you like. Drop in the melting snowman as the taps are running and watch him behave like a true snowman on a summers day."

Do you have any personal favourites from LUSH?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


1 Skeleton Dress by Tee and Cake £40 2 AnnaKastle Skull Tights £12.31 

1 Jeffrey Campbell Night Lita Bone Machine £161 2 Romwe Point Rivets Black Flat Shoes £52

1 Nars Rouge Basque Limited Edition £17.50 2 Paperself Spider Lashes £12 3 Nail Rock 3D "Doodad Black" £7.50

The breakdown to Winter is definitely one of my favourite times of the year. Having events such as Halloween and Bonfire night put a bit of spirit into our souls, taking us away from normality for a while. Having been invited to an 80's Halloween party, it's definitely proving difficult to come up with some costume ideas. (requests appreciated)

In this post I've put together a selection of high street/online clothing, footwear and accessories I think would be perfect for Halloween.

First is clothing! I love the preparation involved in organising your chosen theme and putting it together in terms of fashion. You can probably tell why I've chosen these two items, for obvious reasons! I know the dress isn't exactly the cheapest of numbers but I think it could be perfect if you're planning to attend a more formal celebration/party. For a more affordable option, I managed to find these adorable tights! They kinda make me wish I was younger and more adventurous so that I could wear them all day every day.

Footwear, something I've been going crazy for lately! These Jeffery Campbell Night Lita's would be perfect if you're clubbing this Halloween, with it's crazy bone print you don't have to worry about over dressing yourself as they are quite the statement. Still not sure how I'd feel about walking on an unsupported sole though. If you're looking for a perhaps more practical option, maybe go for these Point Rivets from Romwe, you could say they take Topshop's studded slippers to a whole new level. And if your still worried about the price, scroll down my blog and get  yourself 20% off.

Lastly, we come to the accessories and for me, the most exciting aspect of Halloween. I will definitely be on the look out for some inspirational make-up tutorials in the next few weeks but for now, I've listed you a few of my accessory essentials. A dark red lip can make an outfit look so 'vamp' and can look great with additional fake blood! To top it off, you've got the lashes and the nails. After seeing this brand 'Paperself' on websites such as ASOS and Topshop, I've been interested to learn a bit more about their products. In the process, I came across these 'Spider Lashes', I can just envisage them in my head paired with a smokey eye and an accentuated blush. Crazy, but I think it could really work. And lastly are these nail wraps I've mentioned in a previous post, I know that Beauty Crush wore them to a recent event and couldn't help but think how effective they looked.

A bit different in relation to the content today, nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it! Do you have any outfit/celebrity inspirations for Halloween this year? 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Full photographs here: 12

I kinda feel like my old Myspace self fan girling over Sky Ferreira, but thankfully here in 2012 and not 2008 I find myself talking in terms of fashion rather than her one hit single.

Yeah, I'm positively sure I'm not the only girl recently wishing I was her after her effortless features from Paris Fashion Week this year. And not just because she was seen in the arms of Kanye West! Not only does this girl rock it to events like Fashion Week, she's got her street style to a point, not to mention her hair. Being so young, her style is so relatable and fresh. She has this undoubted edge to her style that makes the collaboration of every day jumpers, jeans and skirts stand out.

If I'm honest, her music does absolutely nothing for me. But if I do know one thing, Sky Ferreira is definitely one to watch out for.

Who has caught your eye this month? 

Sunday, 7 October 2012


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Honestly, my week has been full of mixed feelings/ emotions and I have no doubt it's due to the fact I've been trying to recover from a cold. Thankfully, after eating a whole stock of Heinz soup I'm finally feeling back to my old self. I did however take pity on myself and took prime advantage of the student lock in on Friday (you can have a mooch at what I bought here). Kinda contemplating whether or not to keep the jacket, I don't know.. you tell me.

I've actually been really enjoying both the modern and Wordsworth classics recently after finishing The Great Gatsby. You're probably already seeing a link in terms of me buying books before a film adaptation is to be made. I don't know, I enjoy making that comparison to how the film interprets the literature. Even if it means being disappointed with the finished result. Back to the point, I know that On The Road is released here in the UK on the 12th October, possibly not giving me enough time to even place an order but I'm determined I'll get to read it one way or another.

These trousers are such a staple for me, chuck on a plain top and a bobble hat and it almost looks like you've put some thought into your outfit. One thing that isn't so staple is the price!

After recently buying a bag, I didn't think I'd be needing another one for quite some time. Until I saw this one. I just think it's so classy.

The last two items are definitely impulse choices cause everyone loves a sale (especially when it involves studs) and what girl doesn't need pretty underwear, right?

What's on your weekend wishlist? Do you have any good books/films you'd recommend? 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Snood- Gift / Top- Topshop / Jacket- Topshop / Midi Skirt- Thrifted / Bag- eBay / Heeled Boots- Car Boot

Tonight I was treated to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, a film I've been eager to see ever since getting lost into the book originally written by Stephen Crosby. As you find most film adaptations, some actors and scene's were not how I'd envisaged them in my head but I guess that's just one of the negatives to reading the book beforehand. Regardless, I really enjoyed it and would recommend both the book and the film to anyone interested in doing so. After the film, we went to get some dinner at my favourite choice of restaurant (can you guess?) nandos! It's safe to say, I think I ate my weights worth.

In terms of what I wore, I just went for something smart-casual. As we've had a dramatic drop in temperature the past week I opted for my go-to faux fur snood that my Ma got me off holiday recently, fur? she knows me too well.

I hope you enjoyed this post anyway, I realise it's been long coming!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lazy Oaf A/W'12 Collection

1 Fruit Collar/Collar Denim Trapeze Dress £75
Full collection found here

I absolutely love the way Tess Yopp and Masha Mel have worked with this collection to make it what it is! From the way it's styled and layouted to how it's been portrayed and edited, I can't fault it. I remember purchasing my first Lazy Oaf number at Birmingham Clothes Show back in 2009. I think I wore it everyday after that until I eventually grew out of it. 

As you can probably tell through the content of my blog recently, I've been loving trailing through the different Autumn/Winter trends for this year. I think my favourite piece in this collection has definitely got to be their denim trapeze dress, it reminds me so much of the 60's and would look super cute paired with some knitted tights and some trusty ankle boots. 

What A/W collections are you loving?