Sunday, 4 November 2012


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Ok so you're probably wondering why my weekend wishlist has turned into a haul of skirts. Well, this week more than ever I've been skirt-obsessed. Each website, each store I can guarantee holds a skirt I wanna get my hands on.

I find that quite a lot of people seem to have this mindset that as soon as Autumn/Winter dawns we have to put our skirts to the back of the draw, but girls I refuse! (yes nana, I'm talking to you.)

I swear by tube skirts at the moment to the point where they are making a feature in the majority of my outfits. They're simple, elegant and need I mention the comfort element! I wore one out the other day with two pairs of leggings layered underneath (don't judge) and no-one had a clue.

Next is this denim number from Monki, this skirt needs to make an appearance in my life asap. I'm thinking, tights, converse and a blazer coat with a fur collar?

Glitter skirts are so damn cute, especially for the upcoming Christmas period. They're so easy to style from day to night and perfect for sprousing up a bland outfit.

Leather, hey. I have this mind-set of pleather skirts being quite seductive but I'm gonna put that aside for a moment. If you were in my head right now, you'd be seeing this baby I've chosen here, again from Monki paired with a plain top, chunky knit cardigan and a pretty huge snood. Now, I think that sounds pretty good. Don't you?

Lastly is my most darish pick I think, I've seen so many girls wearing these types of skirts and they look absolutely amazing. Whether or not that could transfer, I don't know but I thought I'd add it in anyway.

So, that's my mixed up weekend wishlist for our first week into November and only 7 more to go until Christmas!! 
Hope you enjoyed guys!


  1. That River Island lace skirt is gorgeous, I have no idea how I would wear it but I want it!

  2. Love the River Island Lace one! So pretty xx

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