Monday, 27 August 2012


I've been thinking a lot recently about ways to create variations between posts on my blog. I figured it'd be interesting to let you get to know me more as at the moment I feel I'm just the girl behind the camera. In this post I'm going to be sharing with you an insight into what (and more importantly) who, inspires me. I've selected a small few of my personal favourite style icons from may I add a very long list, I hope this will be somewhat interesting for you and who knows, it may even inspire you too. 

Celebrity- Cherry Healey 
After vividly following her diverse documentaries "How to Get A Life" featured on BBC Three, I think it was foreseeable from the beginning that her minimalistic yet chic style was edging her more and more into my most envied style crush (only in the nicest way). The thing that inspires me most about Cherry Healey is that she's relatable, I find myself discarding bold items and if I'm honest, colour in general. As a lot of Cherry's style features more nudes and darker shades, it gives me food for thought as to how I can interpret my flat paletted wardrobe to be more robust and exciting. Although I can appreciate individuals with more adventurous and daring styles, I often find it hard to be inspired by outfits that would personally be out of my comfort zone. Although now the series has come to an end, Cherry's blog allows me to continue coveting over every item of clothing she owns, especially this dress.

The gorgeous Mary from Another Girls Life. I admire this girl's straight to the point attitude and is something I get both amusement and interest from reading on a regular basis. The mixture of beauty, fashion and personal posts gives you different combinations as a reader leaving you attentive for any upcoming and future posts. As a new blogger, I can only hope my blog will one day be of as much appeal to you as Another Girls Life is to me.


As an avid clothes hauder, I can't get enough of NiaSays youtube video's. I feel it would be difficult for anybody following her youtube channel not to be enticed by the positive energy her personality and love for fashion and beauty gives off. Her taste for fashion encourages me to be more courageous with my own style and try things new and fresh, regardless of what is considered the norm. It's people like Nia I need to thank for putting herself out there, irrespective of those who don't relate to her style so that me and the ones who do, can be inspired by it.

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