Sunday, 26 August 2012


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The autumn/winter collections are finally creeping their way into stores and as you may notice I will be making the most of it, especially where faux leather and fur is involved anyway. I find that my style has discarded trainers from making an appearance in my outfits, with the odd exception of my converse of course. From this, you might be wondering why I have decided to feature a pair of these suede hidden wedge sneakers and I honestly wish I had a legit answer for it. I guess that after seeing Millie Mackintosh wearing them, I found myself wanting them more than I should.
A few posts back (here) I spoke about a website called fashiolista and whilst browsing came across this gorgeous chanel bag now, regardless of the fact I am a poor student and will most probably never be fortunate/rich enough to own a bag as nice as this one, I figured I'd add it in anyway. Why not right? a girl can dream.

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