Sunday, 28 October 2012


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So, the week off for half term comes to an end as is October it would seem! I'm particularly not looking forward to going back to college, especially as the clocks have gone back and the darker, much colder nights have come in to tackle me for the long commute home. I do however have Tuesday night to look forward to as I'm going to see one of my favourite bands again, Dry The River!

I saw this cardigan earlier on in the week and haven't been able to stop lusting over it. I'm not usually a big fan of printed clothing but I think the fact it's white and lined with fur has made me love, rather than loathe. One thing I definitely do loathe is that Topshop feel £65 is a justifiable price.

All year round my room is overpowered with candles and incense sticks and when Yankee release their Christmas scents, I kinda go a little crazy. I purchased a couple of these tarts a week back and have been burning them through my oil burner, it's a great way of avoiding the price tag on the jars.

Girls (and boys), not sure I need to explain why I want this bra so much. Kinda perfect, as far as bra's go.

And lastly are these chunky loafers from Monki, absolutely love everything from their store at the moment. I don't doubt these would look fab with knitted tights, as do anything and everything this season.

Hope you enjoyed my weekend wishlist, extremely excited for the Halloween celebrations next week! Here's something else you can be excited about...

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  1. Great picks darling! I love the cardigan :D I'm looking forward to Halloween also, went to a great party on Saturday :D xx


  2. I love those yankee candles :) x