Saturday, 13 October 2012


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I don't know what it is but LUSH has an infectious upshot on me, especially when they release new collections. I think it's a combination of the smell, the helpful and friendly staff and my inability to resist temptation.

I'm familiar with quite a few of their products now, a favourite of mine being "Cosmetic Warrior", part of their fresh face masks range. The thing that attracts me most to LUSH products is the fact that they are fresh, handmade and anti animal testing, it's always good to know that what you're putting on your face is full of natural ingredients."

Apart from the "Tea Tree Water Toner", all products are from their 2012 Christmas collection. My skin is extremely distressed recently and so I purchased this toner to help settle it down. I've been very impressed with their range for troubled skin in the past so I'm hoping it'll do the job! If you'd like me to keep you updated or do a further review for you, I'd be more than happy to once I've got to know the product."

Products I purchased:

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar £2.95
"If you can bear to, break and crumble your midnight blue and yellow bubble bar under running taps, then enjoy a deeply relaxing soak in twinkling jasmine bedtime bubbles."

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.45
"Got a sweet tooth? Curb your cravings by crumbling this sugary pink bubble bar mountain under running taps for huge clouds of comforting vanilla foam.

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar £4.95
"Simply swish it around in the water for mounds of candy sweet bubbles, then pop the wand on the side to use it again and again. Even guys won't be able to resist a little twirl in the tub!"

Tea Tree Toner Water £3.95
"Comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies. Tea tree is a wonder antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient for anyone with oily or spot prone skin." 

Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel £4.25
"The sweetest thing, Snow Fairy is back again this year! Cheering up your shower yet again with her candy floss scent and lovely pink, glittering foam. Get your wings fluttering and lather up with this cutie. She will surely awake a little fairy in you- even in you tough-looking blokes!"

Father Christmas Bath Ballistic £3.25
"Run a nice warm bath, hop in, then drop your Father Christmas in the water, watch him turn your water from bright red to vivid green in the water as it dissolves and fills your tub with uplifting fragrance."

Melting Snowman Bath Melt £1.95
"Turn on your bath taps, put the plug in and fill up your tub with warm water- just the temperature you like. Drop in the melting snowman as the taps are running and watch him behave like a true snowman on a summers day."

Do you have any personal favourites from LUSH?

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