Wednesday, 10 October 2012


1 Skeleton Dress by Tee and Cake £40 2 AnnaKastle Skull Tights £12.31 

1 Jeffrey Campbell Night Lita Bone Machine £161 2 Romwe Point Rivets Black Flat Shoes £52

1 Nars Rouge Basque Limited Edition £17.50 2 Paperself Spider Lashes £12 3 Nail Rock 3D "Doodad Black" £7.50

The breakdown to Winter is definitely one of my favourite times of the year. Having events such as Halloween and Bonfire night put a bit of spirit into our souls, taking us away from normality for a while. Having been invited to an 80's Halloween party, it's definitely proving difficult to come up with some costume ideas. (requests appreciated)

In this post I've put together a selection of high street/online clothing, footwear and accessories I think would be perfect for Halloween.

First is clothing! I love the preparation involved in organising your chosen theme and putting it together in terms of fashion. You can probably tell why I've chosen these two items, for obvious reasons! I know the dress isn't exactly the cheapest of numbers but I think it could be perfect if you're planning to attend a more formal celebration/party. For a more affordable option, I managed to find these adorable tights! They kinda make me wish I was younger and more adventurous so that I could wear them all day every day.

Footwear, something I've been going crazy for lately! These Jeffery Campbell Night Lita's would be perfect if you're clubbing this Halloween, with it's crazy bone print you don't have to worry about over dressing yourself as they are quite the statement. Still not sure how I'd feel about walking on an unsupported sole though. If you're looking for a perhaps more practical option, maybe go for these Point Rivets from Romwe, you could say they take Topshop's studded slippers to a whole new level. And if your still worried about the price, scroll down my blog and get  yourself 20% off.

Lastly, we come to the accessories and for me, the most exciting aspect of Halloween. I will definitely be on the look out for some inspirational make-up tutorials in the next few weeks but for now, I've listed you a few of my accessory essentials. A dark red lip can make an outfit look so 'vamp' and can look great with additional fake blood! To top it off, you've got the lashes and the nails. After seeing this brand 'Paperself' on websites such as ASOS and Topshop, I've been interested to learn a bit more about their products. In the process, I came across these 'Spider Lashes', I can just envisage them in my head paired with a smokey eye and an accentuated blush. Crazy, but I think it could really work. And lastly are these nail wraps I've mentioned in a previous post, I know that Beauty Crush wore them to a recent event and couldn't help but think how effective they looked.

A bit different in relation to the content today, nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it! Do you have any outfit/celebrity inspirations for Halloween this year? 


  1. I love everything in this post! I've been lusting over that first Topshop dress for a bit but so unsure as to what it'd look like on :( hmm might have to bite the bullet. Great post!

    I'm hosting a cool RedRock Giveaway if you wanna check it out xx

  2. The nails look SO nice, maybe a bit too daring for me though! Great Post,

    Lucy Xx