Sunday, 21 October 2012


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Uh, put your thinking caps on and just envisage how gorgeous this outfit would look together... I know right.

I actually had a crazy thought myself that figured there was a lot more to my wishlist than fashion this week and that very thought most definitely included Matt Corby. So much so that he made it to my song pick of the week of which you can find by pressing hard on your down arrow or scrolling down, whichever you prefer. If you knew what I was listening to now, (Robbie Williams) then you probably wouldn't expect me to like him, but! he won me over more than a lot by covering one of my favourite songs by a band you should all already know, The Black Keys.

Back to reality as I cannot afford to be lusting over men with excessive amounts of hair so these boots are definitely the next best. They've got contrasted leather, a silver hardware zip, a not so high heel and are priced at a measley £24.99!

I'm pretty impressed with this weekend wishlist and so the next step is challenging myself to resist spending money on unnecessary goods (fast food) and go buy these instead.

What's on your weekend wishlist?


  1. Think I'll have to add these socks to my wish list, so cute!

    lucy xo

  2. Ahh yes this would look so nice together!! I think I may have to get some of those socks :)xx

  3. I love your wishlist, i want it all! The socks look snuggly x