Tuesday, 9 October 2012


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I kinda feel like my old Myspace self fan girling over Sky Ferreira, but thankfully here in 2012 and not 2008 I find myself talking in terms of fashion rather than her one hit single.

Yeah, I'm positively sure I'm not the only girl recently wishing I was her after her effortless features from Paris Fashion Week this year. And not just because she was seen in the arms of Kanye West! Not only does this girl rock it to events like Fashion Week, she's got her street style to a point, not to mention her hair. Being so young, her style is so relatable and fresh. She has this undoubted edge to her style that makes the collaboration of every day jumpers, jeans and skirts stand out.

If I'm honest, her music does absolutely nothing for me. But if I do know one thing, Sky Ferreira is definitely one to watch out for.

Who has caught your eye this month? 


  1. she has the most amazing hair!
    and she's super pretty- major envy..
    you have a great blog too mrs and i've just started following.
    you seem so lovely and like someone i'd really get on with so i'll hope you'll pop over and say hi, it'd be lovely to have a chat! :)
    hope to hear from you,
    laura x

  2. I love how she looks in the second image. Very edgy yet really feminine. I agree about her music, but her style is pretty epic.