Tuesday, 18 September 2012



1 Nail Rock Designer Collection Ellery-Floral Vases £8 
2 Dr Marten Liberty London William Morris 3 Eye Shoe £155 £131
Full collection found here

Floral VS Geometric, day four! I love that we have some conflict between the two trends that are both on the same wave length of eccentricity. Again, not usually I trend I've particular found myself involved in of the past, but definitely a trend I can admire and appreciate. Looking at some of the designers work based around this style makes it visibly aware just how much precision has gone into the making of some of the designs. It's great that individuals on a high street budget, such as myself can still purchase similar clothing, footwear and accessories through websites inspired by designer trends such as ASOS.

Regardless of whether or not this trend fits in with my current style, I still found a couple of items (such as the ones above) that I've definitely taken a fancy to. Let's start with the Doc's, you've probably figured out by now that a few many Dr Martens are listed in my current "I want them, but can't afford them all" list and these Libery London William Morris classics have definitely made it into the top three. Since having drafted this post three days ago they've actually been reduced in price, only by £24 mind but still (I think it's trying to tell me something).

Last is these Nail Rock wrap collections I've been keen to try yet never really taken the plunge. The concept of them really appeals to me but being a total amateur at anything nail related, I'd probably mess them up and wished I'd spent £8 on something I'm good at instead (like eating nandos).
Let me know, would you recommend? 

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