Thursday, 20 September 2012


1 Casio DB-360GN-9AEF Digital Gold Watch £50 2 ASOS Houndstooth Shorts £30
Full collection found here

Man up! Something I tell myself on a regular basis rather than dressing like it. I've actually become way more fond of this trend than I thought I would. The gold Casio watch is something I've been wanting for a while to update on my plastic black one I've had for years, so it was almost compulsory that I add it to the list. I know that my boyfriend has been eyeing it up for a while as well, maybe I can convince him to buy it for himself and then borrow it and never give it back? 

Also, I had to include these gorgeous houndstooth shorts that remind me so much of my childhood, I remember wearing a pair similar with a pair of white tights and some classic Clarks boots. I like to think I'd be able to bring these babies back and possibly use them to lift up an outfit, perhaps with a different pair of tights this time though. 

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