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Competition: Passion For Fashion

I was recently contacted about entering an exciting competition called "Passion For Fashion" held by Money Supermarket. Entrants are asked to design five different outfits for Autumn/Winter, calculating at under £200 and in order to suit five different occasions, office wear, casual, first date, outdoor and party. There's nothing more I love than internet clothes browsing and telling you about my finds! But when you can do this and, get the chance of winning some very exciting prizes then what have you got to loose? If you're interested in entering and want more information about how to get started then visit here to find out more. 

All the outfits I have created are put together based on my own personal style and what I would wear under the chosen category.

1 Zara Suede Combined Shopper £49.99 / 2 H&M Covered Heel £29.99 / 3 Miss Selfridge Black Tunic Dress £35 
4 Radley Walker Umbrella £30 / 5 River Island Leopard Helen Watch £18 
Total Price= £162.98

As soon as I saw the word "office wear" mentioned, I kinda scared myself into thinking it was an impossible task considering I, a teenager with no office work experience has never had to think or even imagine, style in the workplace beforehand. For me, I think this made it the most challenging outfit out of the five. I put my mind to the task regardless and created this! 
I think once you get past ways of working with different clothing that maintain a professional look, it's easy to get to terms with adding different (yet suitable) pieces to suit your own personal style. Take this dress for instance, simple and black with mesh sleeves yet very smart and also so easy to work with. 

Paired with metal covered heels and the contrast of the browns within the watch and the bag helps to give the outfit that well deserved edge.  

Finally, I added this gorgeous Radley printed umbrella, just for safes keepings as after all, a Brit stepping outside the house without an umbrella is a risky one at that!

1 Monki Evelina Hat £5 / 2 Cheap Monday Cryokine Sunglasses £18 / 3 MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick £14
4 Topshop Washed V Tee by Boutique £25 / 5 Dr Marten Originals £60 via eBay / 6 Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans £50
Total Price= £172

What casual day is without a hat? I think my over-sized beanie from Topshop was my survival kit for both warmth and comfort last Autumn/Winter and is possibly why I plan on stocking up on these ridiculously cheap Evelina hat's from Monki this upcoming year. 

The thing I like most about "casual" outfits is that they are so easily put together, yet still look like you've put way more effort in than you actually have. I find sunglasses an essential when it comes to the less casual days (or should I say the days where you don't bother wearing any makeup), I don't know what it is but they somehow make you feel better when your not feeling up to scratch. 

Anyway, let's talk jeans. So versatile and so comfy that it's almost difficult to not want to wear them every day for the rest of my life. Although these Cheap Monday jeans are a little on the pricey side, it is definitely worth investing in some more expensive jeans if it means the quality is there. After all, I personally don't think I will ever stop reaching for mine. 

Footwear, I chose to pair this outfit with some classic Dr Martens. Just because, why not? Another investment I must admit, however I've had my docs for three years now and they are still going strong. Plus, if you're like me and need some encouragement to splurge that much money, I've linked you to the cheapest option I could find (almost £30 cheaper) yep, you heard. 

Lastly, the lipstick I find myself going to the most "Pink Plaid" by Mac. While it makes my lips feel like they've been smothered in vaseline after just one appliance, it also makes them look nice too with almost the least amount of effort required.

1 Topshop Tencil Jersey Panel Biker Jacket £45 / 2 Converse All Star Leather High Tops via eBay £54.99 3 Monki Becka Top £6 / 4 H&M Jersey Sequin Skirt £14.99 / 5 Barry M Lipstick "Peachy Pink" £4.49 / 6 Select Studded Bag £14
Total Price= £139.47

First date's are always the outfits you put the most thought (and worry) into. For me, it's about having a focus point that is considered a bit more dressy and then dressing them down with other items. In this case I've chosen this gorgeous sequined skirt from Miss Selfridge. Adding the leather finished Converse helps to create the right contrast between what could be considered "too much" paired with say a pair of flatforms. 

For the rest of the outfit, I chose to stick to the theme of black as for me, I feel it works better than having a range of different colours. Apart from the lippy of course, you can't go wrong with using a bright lipstick to add a pop of colour to a dark outfit (unless your a first date kissing type of girl). 

Personally I feel this outfit would be ideal especially if you are unsure of where you're going as it would be appropriate for a varied amount of occasions, whether that be for a meal, a drink or even a more casual date to the cinema. After all, you want to be able to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. 

1 River Island Black Coated Molly Jeggings £40 / 2 Monki Lerima Top £5 / 3 Zara Studded Leather Shopper £69.99
4 Topshop Camoflage Cardigan £46 / 5 H&M Ankle Boots £29.99
Total Price= £190.98

"Outwear", most definitely my favourite outfit out of the lot, I think mainly due to it being so me. Again, I feel using key pieces like a pair of faux leather jeans with a simple plain white t-shirt and throwing this gorgeous camoflage cardigan from Topshop over the top helps to give the outfit something different. Don't forget, cardigans are also so easy to layer or even be layered. So necessary once the colder days and evenings start coming in.

It's all about the details with this bag, firstly it's size. If you're similar to me and like carrying a bag that is excessively big around with you which only ends up being filled with unnecessary junk then this is perfect (not to mention the studs). 

Boots, self explanatory as an Autumn/Winter staple I think. Anybody who knows me will understand just how much I am loving western style shoes, boots and heels at the moment and is why I can't wait to get my hands on these boots from H&M so that I can create this outfit myself. I think layered with multiple pairs of socks, they are everything you need in a shoe for the approaching season.

1 Motel Pearl Strapless Skater Dress £42 / 2 Rihanna Reb'l Fleur 30ml £19.50 / 3 ASOS Plate And Spike Belt £15
4 Mac Longwear "Dress It Up" £16.50 / 5 Select Stud Clutch £8 / 6 Gogophilip Skull Ring £5 / 7 Zara Court Shoe £49.99
Total Price= £155.99

I'm quite surprised the outfit usually considered the most expensive when shopping for in real situations, turned out to be one of the least expensive out of all five. I guess it just goes to show, right? I know from my own personal experiences when shopping for a party outfit, I always look for something strapless. I'm not sure what it is but I think they look so elegant, especially with the love heart shaped front like this dress from Motel.

I am always one for matching my accessories and in this case, shoes. Having the rose gold effect running throughout the outfit brings it together and I think it works really well.

As for lipstick, I decided to use one of Mac's long wear lipstick/lipcreme's in the shade I feel works best with the outfit "Dress It Up". Although I am yet to try, I have heard nothing but good feedback from those who have. Who wants to be re-applying their lipstick all the time when they're out anyway?

To finish the outfit off, I featured my favourite perfume by Rihanna. There is nothing more I hate that paying for an expensive perfume that doesn't last on your skin for longer than an hour. Reb'l Fleur is so inexpensive and yet I still find myself waking up the next morning with the scent on my wrist, definitely my party necessity.

I hoped you enjoyed this post guys and don't forget to give it a go yourself for a chance of winning!

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  1. Would absolutely wear your office, party and casual look. Great choices, they are all so fun and stylish. I really like your blog, do you want to follow each other? :)