Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sale Steals

1 MOTO Oversized Sleeveless Biker Jacket £45 £15
2 Stripe Vest By Boutique £70 £20
3 Ark Tortoise Chateu Sunglasses £9.99 £5
4 Blink Studded High Top Trainers £64 £45

Hi guys, just a quick post in between my daily ASOS Autumn/Winter trend picks as I feel like it's almost taking over my blog at the moment. I am looking to create some more lookbook posts for you, just lately it's proving difficult as a full time student to find the time to photograph as by the time I get home of an evening, the lighting is just too dark. I hope you don't mind! 

Anyway, I've seen a few bloggers do posts on their sale finds and thought it was a really good idea! There's nothing better than finding something you really like, especially when it's in the sale. Recently the sale's haven't been that interesting since really we're in the transition between the two major sales of the year, Summer and Winter. However, here are some key pieces I've found in the sale recently that I am totally loving.

I thought instead of going through the items with you, I'd just share them. Then you can determine whether you like them yourselves and maybe even share your own "sale steels"?

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