Monday, 17 September 2012


1 ASOS Limited Edition Biker Coat £150 2 ASOS Top In Knit/Leather Look Sleeves £25
Full collection found here

Day three and my favourite of all, leather! If these items weren't real leather, my bank account would be seriously suffering right now. The items take the whole contrasted leather trend we've been seeing everywhere lately to the next level. The leather gilet and the wool undercoat gives a real edge to what I would see as a stereotypical winter coat having been stripped down, it's good to know warmth doesn't have to out-rule fashion anyway. 

Leather is personally my daily outfit essential, not many days go by where you will see me without wearing it of some kind. Recently though I feel it's become more of a struggle as a vegetarian to find faux leather of quality and especially when compared to numbers such as the two I've chosen above. Never mind eh, looks like the search continues!

What about you, does real fur put you off buying?

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