Sunday, 30 September 2012


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So it's my last weekend wishlist of September! This month has literally flown by, as has this year and I can't quite believe we're steering towards the end of 2012 already. I know quite a few Westfield's have been holding a "student lockdown" recently and it just so happens that the one local to me is happening this upcoming Friday. I've been saving a few items, some being the ones I've chosen above especially for this event as many big retail stores will be offering any individual with a valid student card, 20% off.

As both a MAC lipstick and a Marilyn fan, you can probably tell how excited I am about this upcoming collection! Now I say upcoming, the full collection is currently available on the US website but not the UK, as of yet. I've had a peek anyway and I'm literally on edge to get my hands on some products, especially the"Scarlet Ibis" lippy. You can see a picture of the full collection here!


  1. I have those trousers! Best £20 I've spent in a long while

  2. I love those creepers! Such a great colour :)
    Cant wait to see more posts from you!