Sunday, 9 September 2012


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Whenever I go through a period of shopping online, I always feel like I haven't been shopping in ages. I don't know why but I'm guessing it's because I'm unable to physically see the damage of passing sums of money over. I'm not sure I like it really, especially when there's always something I want but can no longer afford. Nevertheless, I still can't stop myself from wishing.

So, this week it starts with Vero Moda. Not usually a shop I buy from, or ever go in infact although I came across the website through well, boredom really and ended up finding this gorgeous Madeline shirt. As they are a Danish brand-label it's no surprise that the website is in euro's, which often puts me off. However, after picking your country it translates their currency into your own, similar to the NastyGal website. This makes shopping internationally for me, so much easier. The 3/4 length sleeves makes it ideal for the next upcoming season and perfect for layering under chunky knits in the Winter.

More boots, send help! Even after recently buying a pair of Deena & Ozzy boots, I still find myself wanting more. Looking at it in a practical way, at least my winter boot collection would be complete right? They do look quite like slippers due to the poor quality sole I will admit, but the fact that they are fur lined sold them to me. I can imagine slipping them for college on a cold morning and being snug all day.

Now for the thing I want the most, some military style trousers. They're similar to the leggings I posted in my last wishlist from H&M and over double the price but I find them way more versatile as being trousers, they can be worn both casual and smart. With work placement coming up, I want a pair of smart trousers that are nice without making me look like a school teacher so I think these would fit the criteria just fine.

Ever since visiting a vintage shop and seeing a shirt with collar tips, (that was ridiculously overpriced) I haven't stopped looking around for a pair to add to my own collection of shirts. As I find myself either wearing gold or silver, I figured instead of two different pairs, I'd go for a pair of rose gold ones. At £6 from Monki instead of £10-16 at Topshop, what a bargain.

Next is a luxury that I've been wanting to buy for some time now yet never been able to justify the price. This perfume, Thierry Mugler "Alien" always reminds me of one of my friends, it's her signature smell and every time I'm around her I find myself wanting it even more. For £42 a 30ml bottle, I don't think it will be added to another list until at least Christmas.

And at last but not least is this bag. I remember seeing it and having to take a second look to believe I'd seen things properly. The stag figure head situated on the front clasp reminds me so much of everything Christmasy. I love bags that give you the option between a shoulder strap and an arm strap, often I find my shoulder getting achy after carrying a bag on it for a long period of time and so it's good to mix things up a little. I shall not rest until this bag is mine, that's for sure.

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