Saturday, 8 September 2012


Now I know I, for one cannot afford anything remotely designer so why is it that I and many other people in the same boat, still put myself ourselves through the pain of looking at them? Who knows.

Although designer brands are going to be much better quality than anything found on the high street, are they really worth the price tag? Or are we paying for the name as opposed to the product? I think there's got to be some truth in that somewhere. Regardless of whether or not it's true, Alexander Wang did good on this bag. I think the fact that it's such a statement piece makes me attracted to it, I can imagine it would look amazing with a more casual outfit with a pair of jeans and some leather.

One thing that would worry me most about buying a light suede bag this expensive would be maintaining it. If I owned it, I don't think I'd ever want to take it off my shoulder or put it on the floor, especially being suede, it would be the biggest terror to clean.

As the bag is on sale for less than half of it's original price, it does make the bag more affordable however at £300, it is still quite a steep purchase.

After seeing this bag almost everywhere through celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried, it's no surprise there are dupes readily available at a fraction of the price (not that I'm complaining). 

In terms of how they differ in appearance, it's obvious that the straps on the original Alexander Wang bag are  more compact to the bag itself as I feel the eBay dupe looks a bit more scattered, I think I like that a bit more though. Another good thing about this dupe is the fact that it's not real suede, as I mentioned a previous post, I do avoid purchasing any products made with animal goods and so this does make the bags appeal increase.

Often ordering online from unknown sellers can be quite hit and miss and so it's almost a gamble that the product itself is going to look exactly as the picture suggests. Fortunately I managed to find that Kavita from She Wears Fashion actually brought the bag and featured it in one of her blog posts. Actually seeing her wearing it has definitely made me want to go out and order one for myself!

What do you think about the quality of this dupe? Has High Street outdone Designer?

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